My creative space - the kitchen

My creative space has definitely been in the kitchen this week.
Partly it's just the mood I'm in, and it's partly to do with the fact that I'm trying hard to be more thrifty, and it's partly because I'm on weight watchers, and I'm trying to re-motivate.
Not sure I have the low budgets meals verses low fat meals sussed out yet....I mean there's nothing like a bit of mash to bulk things up a bit, eh?  If anyone has any suggestions, they would be most welcome! 

From my kitchen this week, I have made....

{eat summer}
baked nectarines after pressing halves into a little brown sugar, made the most luscious syrup...

served with an organic full fat yoghurt (yum!), and sprinkled with a little cinnamon...

Does anyone remember 'the Enchanted Broccoli Forest' cookbook?   I like Molly Katzen's way of making quiches, starting with the base, adding cheese first, then the filling, and gently pouring the 'custard' in last.
I've decided I'm going to stop buying pre-made quiches at $12.00 each, and start making them again from scratch, the way I used to years ago.   Although the book doesn't recommend doing it, I need to start blind baking first, as the base on this was a bit undercooked. 
But, it wasn't bad for a rusty ol' quiche comeback. 

Comletely inspired by Rhonda's blog, Down to Earth, I am especially loving the 'simple living series', and the post called 'food waste and cooking leftovers' compelled me to make a yummy dish from the leftovers of our roast beef...
Firstly, I chopped up the beef, and added some leftover steamed veg (white bowl)
Since I had no gravy left, I sauteed some onion, celery, garlic, then added stock, worc sauce, and finally some chopped up mizuna - this made a sauce which binded the meat and veg together.  (frypan)  oops..almost forgot, used cornflour to thicken this all up.
Lastly, I combined these together, popped in a baking dish and topped it with a combo of mashed potato, and sweet potato, and some mozzarella cheese....

Voila!  served with some homegrown bok choy, and sweetcorn.
   This was completely yummier than I expected.

Now, when I buy mayo at the supermarket, I can never decide whether I get the brand that uses free range eggs (would they really be anyway, I'm wondering?), and no artificial colourings, or choose the brand that appears to use 'normal' eggs, but has no nasties...
So...again, back to the drawing board,
homemade mayo...simple, I know what's in it.
eggs, (from truly happy hens) olive oil, lemon, salt, pepper.
Check out the colour difference, but my son says he prefers the shop bought one...of course he does, he's been conditioned that way! by me!
..I am trying to change things, I guess it's going to take time.

Anway, this was a good week, some weeks, it's baked beans on toast, and take-away chicken. the way, I ate a whole bar of Lindt chocolate last night, I'm feeling guilty it wasn't fair trade, but I was desperate.  Hope you can forgive me?

Can't wait to see what other creative spaces are happening over at Kirsty's.



  1. Forgiven by another sinner...

    I love the look of your recipes and feel quite inspired. I'm trying to avoid salt at the moment, and it's forced me to get a bit creative.

  2. Firstly, I love the new banner!

    Secondly, all that food looks fabulous! I always blind bake my pastry. My fav quiche is roast pumpkin, red onion and a little smoked salmon. I use the custard recipe from the good old Central Cookbook that we used to use in school all those years ago.

  3. Hi Luisa, You're cooking is very inspired and looks delicious! Wish I was coming to dinner! Maybe I'll make a bit of an effort for dinner tonight after looking at all your photos.
    Your new banner looks great too! Oh, and I love your new bunny, very cute. Cathy x

  4. You've made me hungry!!! Love your creative space this week... now what am I going to make for lunch and dinner

  5. Oh, those nectarines look soooo delicious! I can almost taste them. (and I love Thomy mayo too)

  6. You're forgiven, why not say you ate the Lindt for me ;)
    Your post, your cooking, pics and blog are delicious ... Ohhh home grown veg ... scrummy.
    I'll post the stamp stampings when the dust settles here ... thank YOU for visiting ... see you next week ;)

  7. Luisa, your garden photo up the top is so beautiful! What an enchanted cubby :-)
    We love quiche here too - I love caramelised red onion, chorizo and goat cheese though I'm not sure if they'd get past the weight watchers' guidelines!

  8. Oh yum! That quiche looks amazing, you've just given me an idea for dinner - haven't made one in such a long time! Funny how you tend to forget about certain things...

  9. what delightful dishes you prepare here . nothing better than a nectarine..

  10. Wow! Lots of cookery going on there! You have made me so hungry now... I'm off to the fridge ;) K

  11. Tee hee! I love the notion of a 'quiche comeback'.

    So forgiven on every front.

  12. Your entire post makes my mouth water!
    That quiche looks amazing, clever you.

  13. Oh yum! I love baked Summer fruits! And I love Molly Katzen's books. Delicious :)

  14. Well done on your made from scratch meals! That's really brilliant. And I bet you felt good about it too. Also there's nothing wrong with a bit of chocolate, it's good for parts of you, isn't it?

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  16. Yum! The fruit looks delish. I love making my own quiches too (one in the oven right now - mushroom, onion & thyme) - I've switched to using a sheet of puff pastry for mine - quicker, easier and crispy. Might be worth a try! Nic

  17. Mmmm all that delicious looking food makes me hungry. Cook up a storm!

  18. oooh so yummy! Do you deliver to England ;)

  19. all is forgiven on the chocolate front. i think i would really like to come to your house for a meal. maybe just three or four times a week to begin with. wouldn't want to wear out my welcome to quickly

  20. Yummy! Your meal looks wonderful, the corn looks as good as our Iowa corn. Nice blog. Getting new fabric is a wonderful way to start the day.


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