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Despite bouts of gastro with the kids this week, I gratefully managed to finish a custom order for the lovely Rita from Gone Rustic.  She is one talented lady, she makes amazing art quilts, and crochets like a rocket, so I felt quite humbled when she asked lil ol' me. 

This bunting features fabric of her own design called 'secrets' ~ it's quite an intricate design, (do click on the photo to see the detail), but she only had four small different coloured pieces to give me, which were a bit less than the size of a fat quarter.
After a bit of measuring and cutting, (tenaciously I might add!) in the end I managed to get 4 bunting flags from each piece, and this is the effect....

I think her beautiful fabric really sings, don't you?

There are 8 flags in each one.
I love doing custom orders, it's great to see the effect of a fabric or size, that I don't normally do.

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Hope you are having a great week.


  1. I do love the word bespoke- reminds me of Kevin from grand designs.

  2. They look great. I'm sure that Rita will be thrilled.

  3. Very pretty, great combination of the fabrics and your skills!

  4. Isn't it great you were able to make something so wonderful out of scraps really? It looks amazing!

  5. Such a great job!!! Lovely fabric :)

  6. it is lovely fabric and I could never resist bunting! xo m.

  7. How wonderful to have bespoke bunting made from your own-designed fabric! That is just so cool, Luisa.

    PS my dad laughs at me when I use the word 'cool'.

  8. Very very nice = so neat.
    Warm wishes, Tonya

  9. Beautiful fabric for bunting. I plan on making some for my son's room to spruce it up a bit but they won't be sweet looking like that.

  10. Looks great - I am sure she will be happy with the result.


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