my creative space - back to normal

I'm not completely sure whether my Bethany's creative space qualifies in 'this space', but in any case here we are!  Routines are slowly being re-established after 3 long weeks (!) of school hols, and my daughter's bout of  illness last week.  This week we finally made it back to family day care, and music, and I'm slowly getting back into some sewing.
I've also missed doing Thursday's Creative Space, and this is a little gentle intro back into it.

A visit to a park this morning, what glorious sunshine we had!


Bethany's colour-coded block space - all her own doing.
Then she spent some time, playing 'music' on them.
It's so lovely to see her 'alive' again!  This makes her mama very, very happy!

Head over to some very inspirational, creative spaces over here.

ps..Wow....We have a new prime minister today - a woman!
I read this first on chunkychooky!  Before any 'news' media!  Go Julia.
Now...I wonder how many babies are going to be named after her?  No one would have done that with Kev!  Would they?


  1. Glad to hear things are getting back to normal. Thanks for the prime minister news- I had nooooo idea. I love how i am getting my news on blogs now. LOL. xx m.

  2. Yay! I'm delighted to hear that she's feeling better...that always makes things much brighter!

  3. You know my little boy colour codes his blocks also..... I wonder what that says about them......

    Have recently discovered your lovely blog - is that your garden on your header??

  4. trying to comment on your blog the other day - not sure what happened - seems to have come under fog, goose & bears comment.
    i like your blog! - and your garden (i assume that is your garden in the header) very beautiful.
    i look forward to reading more of your stuff.


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