Beautiful skies over Hobart

Here in Tassie, we are making the most of the Queen's Birthday Public Holiday!
We have been blessed with the most blue sky today, and perfect kite flying weather.

After a craving for Donna Hay's pikelet recipe for morning tea!

Yummy lemon and sugar, and my farmer's market buy of Jam from Amanda Jammm, which was incredible.  Such intense flavour and perfume in a tiny pot! 

We unfortunately didn't spot any intense sunsets last night, because our house is on rather a steep hillside, but the eruption of a volcano in Chile has seen Tassie photographers snap some stunning scenes.


  1. We have just come back from the mountain playing with snow - I know it looks very bare but there was plenty for tabbogoning (spell?) and snow balls!

    Slow I am - I did notice the sunset last night but did not click - duh!

  2. hi Luisa, haven't been on your site for such a long time...silly me because I always love reading it and seeing your stunning photos. Love the kiteflying one!! Also the four pictures on the top are awesome... love the richness of the colours xx


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